Resident Horse boarding

AKC Registered Rhodesian ridgebacks

short term horse boarding

Thread of the Mill Farm and Dry Pond Kennels are located in Gray, Maine.  The farm offers horse boarding for both long and short term needs.  A wonderfully natural environment, TOTMF offers a limited number of spaces which allows for personal care, comfort and plenty of space for each horse. The kennel produces one litter of AKC Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies each year.  On rare years there may be a second litter.  Owner and manager, Gail MacLean has over 35 years of experience with this breed and has produced many fine dogs to both show and pet homes.  Her Rhodesians are bred to the standard in size and appearance and are known for their good health, sound blood lines and excellent temperaments.      Thank you for visiting TOTMF and Dry Pond Kennels website.