Farm History

My name is Gail. K. MacLean. I grew up on a small family farm in Falmouth. We bought our first horse with money saved from selling vegetables from the garden that us kids planted and maintained. Others in the neighborhood followed suit until there were 14 horses belonging to different families, so we formed a 4-H riding club. I lived and breathed horses growing up. Would come home from school, run upstairs to change my clothes and then out to the barn, tack up my horse and be off and away until supper.

After graduating from high school and moving on raising my son and all, I really felt that horses were a part of my past.  Never once did I ever dream of having another horse in my life.  Then as fate would have it, I took on a job with a barn builder and in building a small barn in Buxton, I was brought in contact with horses once again. The lady who we were building for had two beautiful old style Morgan horses. In conversation about the horses she asked me if I knew of anyone who might be interested in buying a Morgan. The farm where she had bought her horse had come upon hard times and had half a dozen or more Morgans looking for homes. That started my wheels a turning!

I talked with a friend who had a farm close by and asked her if she had space where I could keep a horse.  She had an old chicken coop that I turned into a little stable, and went and bought me a Morgan horse!!  Then one day while waiting for another load of hay to arrive, which we were storing in a barn on Route 26, I asked my sister if she wanted to see some land for sale.  After checking it out she said, "we need to buy that land and set up a farm for our horses".

In September 1999 we bought the land, in October I put up a barn, and in November our horses came home to live at
Thread of The Mill Farm.