Winter fun in the snow.  Poetry in motion!



5-17-2009 ~ 1-27-2020


You were definately one of the best and will be missed by so many through eternity. Your legacy will live on through your kids and grandkids. Fly high with the angels my big girl. Love you.

Dry Pond Kennels

Dry Pond Kennels is a small, personal kennel; I have been loving and living with AKC Reg. Rhodesian Ridgebacks for over 35 years.  My puppies are raised in the home, extensively socialized with people of all ages, cats, horses, cows and other dogs.  They are handled regularly from the moment of birth, feeling as familiar with human touch as with their own mother's.  There is typically only one litter a year.  On occasion there may be a year that is skipped or there may be a second litter, although this is indeed a rare occasion.  I currently share my home with four adult Rhodesian Ridgebacks, which is the most I have ever owned at one time. Each one is an important part of my family.


 My Ridgebacks are bred to the standard in size and appearance.  And of most importance to me is the excellent temperament you will find in my dogs.  My dogs are OFA'd, health screened, and the pups come with a health guarantee as part of the sales contract.  I consider an excellent pet home as desirable as a show home.  My primary consideration in placement of my babies is that they be well cared for and loved for the duration of their lifetime.

Member of the
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States.


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Newest album:  the "Leeda - Diesel Litter II" ( puppies born Sept 22, 2017 )  - album under construction!


Dry Pond's A Leeda Bit of Jendaya
Born - Nov 19, 2012


Mshindaji's Ramona of Dry Pond
Born - July 01, 2010


Mshindaji’s Sunshine of Dry Pond
Born - May 17, 2009


Dry Pond's Claim to Fame
Born - June 10, 2014

Leeda - Blade Litter

Dry Pond's  A  Leeda Bit of Jendaya   "Leeda"
Mshindaji's Heart Of A Hero   "Blade"
Puppies Born  July 26, 2015

Mona - Koa Litter

Mshindaji's Ramona of Dry Pond "Mona"
Ch. Shabani's Cape Cod Koa-Z "Koa"
Puppies Born June 10, 2014

Shine-e - Ira Litter

Mshindaji’s Sunshine of Dry Pond "Shine-e"
Chayil's The Jig Is Up "Ira"
Puppies Born Feb 23, 2012


Dry Pond's Purple Reign
Born - Sept 22, 2017

Leeda - Diesel Litter

Dry Pond's  A  Leeda Bit of Jendaya   "Leeda"
Dry Pond's  Diesel    "Diesel"
Puppies Born  Jan 02, 2017

Mona - Jackson Litter

Mshindaji's Ramona of Dry Pond "Mona"
Ch. Mshindaji's Bulletproof "Jackson"
Puppies Born  Sept. 27, 2013

Shine-e - Ozzie Litter

Mshindaj's Sunshine of Dry Pond "Shine-e"
Ch. Jendaya's Aduke Shombay "Ozzie"
Puppies Born  Nov 19, 2012

Leeda - Diesel Litter II

Dry Pond's  A  Leeda Bit of Jendaya   "Leeda"
Dry Pond's  Diesel    "Diesel"
Puppies Born  Sept 22, 2017