I met Gail while searching for a reputable Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder, in my area.  At the time, I had an elderly (12 years old) Bernese Mountain Dog, named Champ.  I had been thinking of getting him a sibling. However, every time Gail had a possible litter; it wasn’t the right time for my home and my aging dog.

When Champ passed, I reached out to Gail to inquire about a possible puppy to fill the hole that was left in my heart. Gail then told me about a litter of pups that were born to one of her females, she had placed in NY. I reached out to Gen, (the owner of the litter) and I was able to place a deposit on a beautiful male puppy. When the pups were 8 weeks of age, I met with Gen and Gail, at a location in Massachusetts, to take my puppy home. ----We named our puppy Gabriel, as he was the Angel that filled the hole in my heart, after the passing of my dog.

As Gabe grew, I had so many questions that were breed specific to Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I can’t even imagine how many emails I sent Gail and how many phone calls I made, with questions on everything from diet to energy level and training. Gail always answered my questions in great detail. You could see and hear her concern for each puppy (even though she didn’t whelp Gabriel’s litter) and she never got annoyed with me. She has a love of this breed like I have never known. -She is still only an email or a phone call away.
     "Gabriel & Lola Jean"

When Gabriel turned 10 months of age, my husband and I decided it was time to get him a sibling. Once again, I reached out to Gail. To my great luck, she had a puppy available and I was able to go up and meet her, when she was six weeks of age. There was no doubt I wanted to take this puppy home! Gail had raised this litter in a wonderful and safe environment. You could also see how well socialized they were, for only being six weeks of age. I was instantly smitten and named this beautiful baby, Lola Jean.  Again, Gail was there for me with my many questions. This time, all of my questions were related to raising a brand new puppy and a high energy older puppy, together. As Gabriel and Lola Jean got to know each other, it didn’t take long for them to become the best of friends. Lola took to training so fast and Gabriel was there to show her the ropes. Ironically, it is easier to train a new puppy when you have an older puppy to help you.
Gail is still a prominent part of my “family”. There are not very many people out there that would go above and beyond when it comes to their dogs. She makes sure that all of the dogs she has bred, have had their proper health screenings and tests. Even though my pups are family pets, she has produced some of the most beautiful Rhodesian Ridgebacks I have ever seen. Gail often sends out blast emails of other puppy parents and the pictures of their dogs. It is great to see how well they are doing. Most of all, it is blatant that Gail will only place her pups in the best possible homes. Again, a testament to her love and dedication to her puppies.

In closing, I can’t thank Gail enough for being there for me, Gabriel and Lola Jean. She is a person with great knowledge and takes the time to help, whenever she can. My pups are now 4 and 3 years of age and I couldn’t be happier to have such sweet dogs, with wonderful temperaments.

Thank you Gail for all that you do and will do, for the love of a Ridgeback.
Kimberly, Patrick, Jill, Laura
Gabriel and Lola Jean

   "Betsy & Hayden"                           "Beau"                           then came: "Bama"

We bought our first Ridgeback from Gail two years ago and fell in love with her immediately.  Her temperament was right on and exactly as Gail had told us.  She gave us so much joy, we called to see if there were any other from Lexi's next litter and to our pleasure we got Beau.  Just as sweet as Betsy but with his own great personality.  Our dogs have brought us joy and peace and everyone that comes over asks to watch them or take them home for a night.  We love our dogs and take great care of them, but it is also Gail that made them great.  She gave them kisses all the time as puppies and that love was important.  We will always come back and buy our Ridgies from Gail.

Molly and Rick H.



"Mister B"

 Chris with newest addition: "Olivia Grace"

We drove to Gray, Maine from southern Ohio to pick up our new puppy. We came in a van with our 6 year old Ridgeback along for the ride. We didn't know at the time how much our lives were going to be blessed. The first clue was on the long ride home. Our new puppy, Mister B, cuddled the whole way. He continues to be the perfect traveling companion, content only to be with us wherever we go. There aren't enough good words to express the joy he has brought to us and Zoee, his Ridgeback companion. We are hopelessly in love with him. What a precious boy! His temperament is the best we could hope for. He is beautiful in appearance, healthy, gentle and extremely loving. He is social and plays well with other dogs.

Gail is also a blessing. She is always there for us with good communication and stories and photos of Mister B's littermates. Gail cares deeply for each and every one of her puppies and that love manifests itself into the best Ridgebacks ever. Those of us fortunate enough to have one of them know this to be true.     

Chris & Connie L.


I will never forget arriving at Gail's to meet our potential new puppy to see Lexi and her litter of 12 six-week old puppies bounding out of the woods behind Gail's house to greet us.  They all had been out on one of their daily runs in the woods and along and in and out of the brook behind her house.  When we got out of our car we were immediately surrounded and taken over by the most happy, people friendly puppies we had ever met, each one begging for personal attention, to be held and loved on.  We knew at that moment that we had found the right breeder and the perfect puppy for us! 'Annie' who chose us, is our fourth ridgeback and I must say the most beautiful, the most loving, the most confident and the smartest one we have had yet.  Thank you Gail, for breeding beautiful and loving dogs and for giving them the best start in life a breeder can.    


Diane & Danny



Kinaya is doing great.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family, Zeka has turned into a loving big brother that isn't afraid to let Kinaya know when he is wrong and vice versa.  We have a great time with both of the boys.  Kinaya has a great temperament and is very attentive to his surroundings.  He knows when he has to be a good guard dog and knows when to be gentle around kids.  He still, and I think will always, let every dog he meets know how loud of a bark he has!  The environment that he was initially raised in was a good foundation for a fun energetic Ridgeback who will never pass up cuddle time.  Thanks again for everything, hopefully we will make a trip to Gray next time we are in Maine!            
Ridgeback Owned,  --  Bill & Lisa D.

**And now a family portrait with new puppy "Mwindaji"



 "Cooper"                                                 "Cooper, Miss Gwen, & Zeque" 

Nate and I have had Cooper for over a year now and we cannot imagine our lives without him. When we first went down to visit Gail's litter our eyes stayed on this little, mellow puppy that had gone up to Nate when we first arrived. He was the mellowest of the bunch and just hung behind the crowd. He was extremely loveable from the very beginning and there was never a doubt that he was the puppy we were supposed to have. There were two weeks before my summer vacation started and Gail offered to keep Cooper until then so that he would not have spend his first two weeks with us caged. We went down and visited Cooper the next weekend and took him out for the day.

The following weekend we picked him up and have been a happy family ever since! Cooper is still as loveable as ever and very well behaved. Every morning he wakes me with a lick to the face and he gives great hugs! He loves to play with his soccer ball, tire, and any stick in sight! He has great energy but can also be very mellow. He is a people dog if there ever was one and loves to always be around people. He comes with us wherever we go and loves to ride in the car. Cooper goes right for the front door as soon as he hears keys or sees one of us grab our jacket. I am so fortunate to have my summers off so that I can spend every day with him. Nate and I could not be happier!       Nicole & Nate


*Since this testimonial was written our family has grown. Welcome Zeque and the beautiful Miss Gwen.




We got Molly a little over a year ago. She has been the greatest joy in my life. I am disabled and if it weren't for Molly my life would be empty. Gail has raised some fine RR's. Molly is the most loving and affectionate pup we have owned. She gets along famously with our American pit as well as all other dogs. Molly sleeps with me, eats with me, and plays with me. She is truly a most  loyal companion.  I thank Gail every day for Molly and would recommend her services to anyone looking for a trusted companion and friend.     


Rolande & Allan





Carol and I have owned three ridgebacks. We absolutely love the breed. Ridgebacks are a loyal and obedient family companion. We have owned Belle for two years now. We are amazed at her intelligence and loyalty.


Belle is a very social dog who is great with children and other animals. She loves to play with our ten year old Ridgeback “Ruby”. She easily accepts other dogs while walking. Belle could be running like maniac one second and cuddling up on the floor the next.  Belle is a bit of a bed hog. She loves nothing more than to put her head on my legs while I am sleeping.


We were referred to Gail through another breeder. Our trip to her farm in Maine was amazing. Her dogs were absolutely beautiful. Gail has been a very supportive and informative breeder. To this day we e-mail back and forth and she keeps us up to date on latest news with Belle’s sisters and brothers.  She is truly dedicated to holding her dogs to the breed standard.  Belle exhibits every trait of the breed standard, social, alert, loyal and obedient.


Belle is absolutely the best Ridgeback we have owned and Gail is the best breeder we have had the pleasure of meeting. I would not go anywhere else to get my next Ridgeback.



Kevin and Carol D. -  Natick, Massachusetts





 Newest addition "Bailey"










As I write this, Clarence (age 6) is sitting beside me and Toby (age 1) is watching Animal Planet from his favorite couch.  Two beautiful, highly intelligent Ridgebacks and the best addition to a family anyone could ever ask for. We were first time Ridgeback owners 6 years ago and you were the most patient and helpful breeder every time we emailed with yet another question. And we still do!

Sharing photos of all the siblings is something we look forward to, and your reunions are just incredibly special for everyone involved.  All those rough and tumble, yet well behaved Ridgebacks in one field just running and playing and loving it--and we love watching them.  Each and every one of us know how much you love each and every one of those pups.  It shows in your conscientious breeding, your care and concern for the pups, and the way you keep in touch with your 'babies'.

Thank you so much for our "babies".  They are healthy and happy and loved by everyone we know.  I know you hear this a lot, but we couldn't imagine not having one of your Ridgebacks.                    Kathie & Steve



         " Zoe"                                                      New pup: "Roxie Rose"


Bethie and I were looking for a puppy about a year ago and interviewed roughly a dozen different breeders looking for the right combination of breeder and dog.


Gail and her pups were superlative. But the pup - that was even better!!!!  What a personality -- could not ask for better!          

Ray B.




"Lanie & Kira"

We obtained both of our Ridgebacks from Gail; they are the loves of our lives.  Both are social, fun-loving, and wonderfully affectionate dogs.
As puppies they were well taken care of, had all their shots and kept in clean surroundings.  We would not hesitate to buy another pup from Gail. She has been very supportive and has provided us with wonderful additions to our family.

Joan and Nick K.





We can not say enough about Lea (our 15 month old Ridgeback) or the experience we have had in working with her breeder, Gail MacLean.  My husband and I have never owned a dog together and feel we made one of the best decisions of our lives bringing Lea into our home as a pet.  Lea is loyal, obedient and very social.  She loves running and playing with other dogs, yet will not be found within 100 feet of a pool of water.  Every night before bed she cuddles on the floor with my husband and waits with legs straight in the air for her tummy to be rubbed.  It seems the laid back disposition of Lea runs with all of her litter mates as long as they get their exercise!  Our 3 ½ year old finds Lea to be a very comfortable pillow and Lea always obliges.


As well, Gail has been amazingly supportive and informative.  Every question we have posed to her, through the 12 months we have owned our Ridgeback, has been answered.  There has not been one month that has passed without receiving photographs and/or stories of Lea’s litter mates.  It is obvious to us how committed Gail is to breeding wonderful dogs and keeping her dog’s owners educated and happy.  If we are ever to get another dog, there is no question that we will go back to Gail to get a Ridgeback.



Pete, Karen and Emma D. (Lea too)

Portsmouth, New Hampshire



       "Ripley"                                                   New puppy: "Buck"

Looking for a Puppy, Found a Ridgeback Family.

Mike and I are new Ridgeback owners and didn't have ANY experience with Ridgebacks when we first contacted Gail in the fall of '05.  I had researched the breed and learned that Ridgebacks are noted for the qualities we wanted in our new family member.  Smart, athletic, good natured, clean and without any common behavioral or health problems.  We were told by the first breeder we contacted that Gail's puppies are the "best socialized puppies you could ever find".

Well, we went to visit Gail and met her Ridgeback pack and, of course, fell in love with Ripley.  It has been clear from the start that Ripley is a 'people dog'.  She was experienced with LOTS of human love and attention AND experienced with Gail's pack of Ridgebacks.  We are standing in line to adopt another Ridgeback from Gail's next litter.  It is true, that living with a Ridgeback is a delight.

And Gail has consistently been there for us (and Ripley!) for the past two years.  We've enjoyed the community of Dry Pond Ridgeback owners Gail has gathered as well as Gail's generous expertise about this breed.  The whole experience has been far far more than we hoped for!  Go Lexi!

Mike & Kathy


       "Apache"                                  New puppy: "Lakota"


Just for the sheer pleasure of looking at something wonderful, forgetting the world news and all the problems, I turned to your website. How lucky these RR's are, to start out in life with such a wonderful beginning! The love you have for them, pours right out over the internet! Your website is fantastic, your RR's fabulous, and you are terrific!! Phil thanks you, Apache thanks you, and I thank you!!!!      Gloria T.




Milo is the best dog we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. we can't tell you how much he means to all of us. he is sooooo loving and kind and smart.

Dennis & Bonnie Hollow






Rick had grown up with a Ridgeback and had always dreamed of having one again in his life.  When it came to a family vote to add a Ridgeback to their family the guys ruled 3 to 1, that the time was now, to find the perfect puppy for them.  Jeanne, not being a doggy person, went along through all the motions with her family's wish, though not real enthusiastically.


Rick writes: "Now Jeanne is one of your best salespeople. I am a little embarrassed at the office as she now shows pictures of the Chief and brags more about him than the boys.  Pretty funny."


"I would also like to report that his training is progressing much better than I could ever hope. We are working on the stay command for longer periods and starting to do heel. The other day on the golf course I had him sit/stay and then walked away.  Around the same time we both saw a flock of geese at the water's edge.  He stayed in position even though I knew he really wanted to chase.  So I gave him the command to release and he took off like a rocket.  I was so proud of him to follow command.  Just a great, great dog. Thank you."            Rick E.


                                                             And now the newest member of the family: "Jazzy"